Sunday, November 6, 2016

Mission Tour with Elder Haynie

First of all, sorry for not posting regularly. We got very busy :D You know... busy people! HAHA

Anyhow, we had mission tour with Elder Haynie, we talked about how to be effective missionary and how we can find people who are ready to receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is so funny and kind. He spent almost an hour just to shake all of our hands and talk to each one of us. He is truly a servant of the Lord. The people is more important than anything else. The Lord teaches us that loving the people is the 2nd most important commandment of all. The cool thing is, they are living in Manila, Makati to be exact, for almost 18 months now. I hope I can see him after I finish my mission.

Elder Haynie with the Assistants
The cool thing that happened this week was when me and my companion spent the night cleaning our apartment! It was the most tiring day of the week but it was worth it! The funny thing is, we heard Elder Haynie was going to inspect our apartment and that is one of the reasons why we general clean our apartment hahaha


We got the chance to go to the Cebu Temple because we have investigators who wanted to go to Cebu Temple. Good thing we had Stake Temple Trip so spent the morning touring them to the Temple. It was really nice to be in the temple. You can feel the serenity and peace inside. It is literally above the world and above worldly things. Hoping to be in the temple again :D

Philippines Cebu Temple

Alright! See you next week

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