Monday, March 27, 2017

Inabanga Branch

Tubigon Port
This is where we waited our new companions for few minutes. It was a hot day, but seeing the sea makes me want to dive in and swim. "THE WAVES ARE CALLING ME"

I'm with my new companion Elder Thomas. He is a funny guy and he loves to joke. He is still young and very enthusiast. I like how he see things, good perspective on things. We got along immediately. Looking forward for more days with this missionary. By the way, we suddenly became popular because I'm with a 6 foot 3, American, gwapo kuno companion. Boys always call him "Joe" and the girls always say "hi" with kilig faces. Everyone likes him in our area. I can see that we will have a lot of success in the near future.

I got sick yesterday, stomach ache, maybe somewhat like ulcer/gastritis. I thought that with my daily intake of the medicine for it will prevent it from happening again. I WAS WRONG. But I am okay now. It will not prevent me from doing missionary work (sometimes missionary walk. HAHA kidding)

I don't have new pictures because it has been 4 days since my last blog. (Don't worry it is Preparation day today) More pictures to come don't worry

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Transfer day!

I was companion with this guy, but he already transferred. Too bad he didn't see his face in my blog haha. Anyway, this is Elder Tyrell and we had fun in 1 month and a half.

This week was the last week that we are together.

First, the Sisters invited us to have Community Service in the their area. We swept the dried leaves under their investigator's trees. I never thought it will be that hard. Especially the leaves were stuck in the floor. Anyway, we did great and it was fun. After that we checked the place and saw these Carabaos resting.

with my look-a-likes
Next is we had our last District Meeting with Inabanga District. The Zone Leaders made a fake transfer list and left it on the table to test the missionaries if they are going to look at it. Good thing no one looked at it and they announced the fake transfer list and everyone was shocked and gone crazy. It was fun to see their faces and their reactions

With the Boys in the District
Lastly, we had last supper last dinner appointment with Elder Tyrell and Sister Robles at Mellanes family. It was so fun and I was on the spot with my jokes. Everyone had happy memories instead of sad memories. Although the members were really close with the missionaries, it will never be prevented that the missionaries who are transferring will be missed. That's why we missionaries take a lot of pictures because, pictures make us closer to the people we met and we spent time with.

Missionaries of Inabanga Branch with Mellanes Family

I just realized how important the time is. How it is precious. I see and meet people everyday. They are making who I am, but I have to realize too that they are going to pass by. I should cherish and appreciate every moment. I'm happy to have struggles and trials because of this I have learned a lot. I know that God really knows what's best for us. The key is to trust him and do what He wants.

The time is really far spent! I only have 7.5 months left #DiliKoTrunky HAHAHA

Months with NO Post

I'm really sorry. I haven't update the blog for a looooooooooong time. It is because of the the Security blah so that your account will be safe. It asked for verification code using my smartphone, and of course, I don't have my smartphone with me for 2 years. So... I can't open my blog account. I tried to look for ways and I found it, remove it and Vioala, I'm back again! :D

Hoping to update you guys every week. I can't guarantee it but I will try.