Sunday, November 20, 2016

Elder Cook of the Quorum of the 12 Apostles

We got the chance to meet a living Apostle of the Lord, maybe this is one in a lifetime for others but I am very blessed to shake hands an Apostle of the Lord for the third time. First Apostle that I shook hands with was Elder Dallin H. Oaks, second was Elder David A. Bednar, and this is the third.

Elder Quentin L. Cook is currently going around the Philippines to talk about missionary work. He talked about the importance of talking to everyone we meet. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is needed for our salvation. The gospel will also help us to be happy in this life and the world to come. So, why hide it. Why not share it to every people you meet. It's like you have the cure for Cancer and you should share it to others. We were blessed to hear him testify of the divinity and power of Jesus Christ and his witness that God is really there, talking to us through the Prophet and His Apostles.

I don't have our picture with Elder Cook but I promise to post it as soon as we got it.

 It was a nice experience, every missionary in the Cebu East Mission gathered together to hear his talk. So we got to see also our batchmates. It was fun seeing them all again. It's been a year! Wow, time is really fast. ;)

Not complete ;(

I also got to see my friends in the mission and my previous companions!! How I love being a missionary. I also received mails from the people we baptized. I'm excited to see them soon!!!

Elder Grey (Samoan)

Elder Tuai (Tongan)

L-R: Elder Reynoso (my trainee), me, Elder Galicia, Elder Cantago

Being in the mission made me realized that I was being selfless, my love for Jesus Christ and for my brothers and sisters are increasing. Being a missionary is really the best 2 years that is happening and going to happen (of course, I am only a year here so I don't have the right to say it haha kidding).

I cannot and will not exchange this 2 year mission for anything. I'm learning to be like Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. This cannot be taught in any university.

Till we meet again. Char!
See you next monday for updates

-Elder Blanco


Last time's gathering with Elder Haynie
The missionaries in Cebu Area (in Cebu East Mission)

Disclaimer: Sorry for grammatically incorrect sentences and wrong spellings because I don't have much time. Thank you sa pagsabot ;)

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