Sunday, April 16, 2017

Inabanga War

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Power of Choice

Sorry, I think I have not updated my blog 2 weeks ago. At least I'm back! A lot of things happened tho. I hope I can share/remember it all here haha

We had an experience while eating in a burger place, a guy sat beside us and asked about Mormon Doctrines. So, we thought he was interested and we talked and shared about how families can be together forever. But it turned out he just wanted to disprove what we shared. 

He told us "If you can show me a scripture verse in the bible where God allow the families to be eternal, I will join your church!"

We shared the scripture verse where Jesus Christ gave the Priesthood power to Peter to bind families on Earth and in Heaven (Matthew 16:19)

And then he was shocked and was silent and just stop talking.
I have learned that even if we are given a lot of evidences, answers, or even taught the right doctrine-- we are the one who choose liberty and eternal life, through the great Mediator of all men, or to choose captivity and death, according to the captivity and power of the devil.

Even if someone can affect our decisions, it is us who will make it. Even if someone hinder you from keeping or following a commandment, it is our choice. And our choices makes our destiny.

Then, we just had our Zone Conference. We got to hear talks and workshops from our leaders. Sister Maughan talked about how to help our investigators to overcome addictions. President Maughan talked about teaching the people their needs and not just to teach the lesson itself. The Assistants to the President talked about adjusting our lessons to the needs of our investigators.

As you can see they are all about improving our teaching skills to make us better missionaries and be a Preach My Gospel missionaries.

We had fun and of course, full of Spirit and motivation to work in our area and help the people there

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All of them just got the Blanco Pose in their bloodstream now:

Elder Cirunay and Elder Crapo

Elder Johnson

Calape Zone Missionaries

Monday, April 3, 2017

Being a Missionary

I will start my blog using this wonderful picture. This is the in our area. We discovered it while looking for new people to visit and teach. This is one of the reason why I love doing missionary work, aside from meeting new people or new family and friends, we got to see the beautiful places in our area. I don't know if this looks nice to you but for me, I really like it!

Elder Thomas just being normal

Anyhow, we had fun tracting and going door-to-door this week. My companion is very kugihan (hardworking) and funny. Because of him, our work becomes easier (
I'm saying this because I know he is going to read this blog sometime. I hope this will give him a big smile hahaha) Don't get me wrong but preaching the gospel is VERY HARD and TIRING. Other people we met asks us, why we are doing this, it is very tiring and requires a lot of sacrifice, why do we do this. The answer is very simple... it is because we love the Lord.

Jesus said to His disciples...
15 ¶ If ye love me, keep my commandments.
Our pain, afflictions, and temptations was/is also felt by Jesus Christ. I know that because of this, He knows our state, He knows what we are feeling, and He knows how to help us. This is the key for us to be able to receive that help. Through keeping the commandments. My previous companion once said "Commandments are not rules that should just be done. Commandments are the solution for us to be happy". As I ponder about this, it is really true. Commandments are not hindrance to our happiness. That's the blessing of being here in the mission. Even if it is very tiring, I still manage to get up and do this because I know that someday, Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ will be proud of what I have accomplished.

me, Sister Villaroya, Sister Lourdes, Sister Tauiliili, Sister Tamuera

 I also got the chance to Baptize Sister Lourdes, investigator from the Sisters. It was very spiritual to see her testify in front of us. Another blessing of being a missionary haha

With Shen-shen and Elder Thomas' ear
With the most tabian (loud) kid but the most adorable in the branch.