Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Elder Blanco's Trainee!!

Wow, the transfer cycle went quick! I didn't expect it will be that quick. I said my farewell to my previous companion, Elder Hall because he got transfer to Consolacion. I was the one left in the Area. So I'm still here in Lilo-an! Yay!

Me and Elder Hall experienced giving community service for Sison Family. We just cleaned the garage, scrub the pillars, and everything. We did this because, Sister Karen was the only one who initiated to clean the house because her sister was going to visit them, at the same time it is the Death Anniversary of their father. So they had family reunion. So we offered help. As missionaries, we are not only here to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ but to help others through service. 

It also says in the Book of Mosiah, 17th verse of the Chapter 2

"...If ye are in the service of your fellow beings, ye are in the service of your God"

We didn't expect that we are going to bathe MAKA. It is not included in the package HAHA But it's okay we enjoyed it too.

Anyhow, what I anticipated happened. I am TRAINING now. My heart pumps so fast just realizing I'm training, because of excitement on what's going to happen. So before we get to see the new missionaries, we waited in the Mission Office and waited for the new missionaries to arrive in Mactan Airport. The Assistants to the President get them with the help of the Senior Couples--Elder and  Sister McNett, and Elder and Sister Weatherston. We got to meet the trainers coming from different areas in our Mission. Most of the trainers are from our batch.

So they came and the Assistants got us from the Mission Office to the Mission Home (where our Mission President and his wife live). We had 1 hour training on how to be a good/best trainers! HAHA

After that, we spent our lunch with the new missionaries just like what I remember happened to me a year ago. We don't know who is going to be our companion. The Mission President and his assistants prayed and seek for counsel from God on who will be the best companions for each of us. I feel that the companionship that was made was really coming from our Heavenly Father. He really knows who is the best for us.

And the pairing came, I expected Elder Reynoso to be my companion before it all started. I had this feeling, maybe the spirit telling me that he was going to be my companion. AND GUESS WHAT?! He is my companion right now! HAHAHA How cool was it?

Elder Blanco's trainee (Elder Reynoso)
I'm so excited to share my knowledge and my example for Elder Reynoso. I really want him to be a good missionary. I'm hoping everything will turn out right with the help of Heavenly Father. I'm going to update soon about my training experience! I don't have much to say because we just had been companions for 2 days haha

That's all for this week!
I'll catch up soon!

-Elder Blanco

PS: In the mission, we call our Trainees "ANAK". So technically, I'm a father now! HAHAHA A single parent hahahah joke. That's bad :P

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