Sunday, November 27, 2016

First week of Training

Training a new missionary helped me to feel like missionary again. The longer you stay in the mission the easier things become routine. But being a trainer right now, really gets me back on track.

Every time I wake up at 6:30 in the Morning, I feel inspired to spent the whole day training Elder Reynoso. I am eager to be a good example and teach everything I have learned and I am learning here in the mission. He is easy to teach because he is humble and a positive thinker which makes it balance. (because I'm the NegaKing)

We have weaknesses and struggles but despite that, we still manage to continue working hard and focus on how to help the people in our area. The more we do the missionary work, the more selfless we become. We are really enjoying our companionship. We fill each other's gaps. We look for ways to make our work fun, too. Just like in this picture...

Bantam sized Chicken

We had the chance to hold a Family Home Evening in Lorada's place. We invited Less-active Members and investigators to show how important the Family Home Evening is. It was fun and nakakabusog. The food was so delicious and healthy!! Props to Brother and Sister Lorada! :D

They have this in their living room:

Love @ Home; Family Proclamation to the World at the left
Catch you next monday!

-Elder Blanco

PS: No interesting pictures left HAHA

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