Sunday, October 16, 2016

Awesome Week with Elder Hall

I'm sorry again. I can't upload pictures right now. The computer here is... meh. Anyway I would just like to say that last week really was a great week. We have met new people in our area and the area is starting to progress. I really think that we did a great job last week. We really pushed ourselves to reach our goals. And we were happy with the results.

Sister Trinidad and her children came to church last Sunday. They really enjoyed the experience in the Church Service. The members in this ward were really a good fellowships to Sister Trinidad. When I was talking to Alan about church he asked if church would be a regular occasion which for me I think means that he really enjoyed church that Sunday. It was an awesome Sunday, the Tempuratura family also came back to church this week along with the Tortosa family. 

We were able to talk in ward council with all the ward auxiliaries about how we can improve the ward and become more organized. They were really open to us about how they think they can improve the ward and help the missionaries. We worked together giving each other ideas, and now we will leave the rest to the ward and the lord to help it become an awesome ward.

Elder Hall is such an awesome companion and he wants me to put his name here in my Blog. :D 

The pictures will be uploaded next Monday! 
I PROMISE! Promises are meant to be broken

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