Saturday, October 1, 2016


Okay, this is the second half of the post CEBU TEMPLE...

Before we went out to the Cebu Temple, we said our goodbyes to Sister Nelson (the senior couple missionary assigned in the Cebu Mission Office). We always drop-by the office whenever we are getting supplies in the Distribution Center. She is so buotan! She always greets us a warm welcome. She's so fun to be with. When we told her that we are about to be replaced in the office, Sister Nelson got sad and said she's going to miss us. To jump to the end, we got her Facebook account and we're going to contact her after the mission because she promised that we will have a room in their house whenever we want to visit IDAHO. We are going to miss you too Sister Nelson, especially your Tender Mercies (candies/chocolates they gave if you visit the Cebu Mission Office) HAHA!

We just had a call that we had an emergency and need to go to Lapu-Lapu to get Elder Hall. We don't know really the reason but we got the chance to be his companion

Look at the view
To cut the story short we got so tired and the traffic was so bad so we end up being home at 8pm. The next day, we continued our regular day in the office and eventually went out to work. By the time we got to our second appointment, Elder Hall saw a cute puppy. Despite of the warnings Sister Temperatura (a member in Lilo-an who was showing us the house of a less-active member) that the puppy will bite him, Elder Hall continued to play the puppy, hence he got bitten by the said puppy. So the Mission President's wife told us to send Elder Hall to the nearest public hospital because they give free Anti-rabies. That's the reason why we are here in this picture.

waiting in line
I'm not generalizing the hospitals but in this public hospital that I will not name, we spent the whole day waiting. We waited that long for just an anti-rabies shot. The nurse explained that the doctor who were assigned in there is missing-in-action. We felt bad for the people who waited so long, who sacrificed their day not to work/go to school even if they needed to, and ended up to go back next day for the check-up.

Anyways, that day really tested my patience. I realized that was an opportunity for me to control my temper. We got the chance also to spent the time to get to know each other. I happened to have the chance to take fish-eye pictures of their nawongs (faces). They didn't even notice that that were funny pictures.

GINO Neutron
NapHALLeon Dynamite
That's it. That's how the week ended. Now we welcome the newest member in the Office District. Elder Hall. We had a lot of fun together, both in the office and in the field. This is my first time to have 2 companions. Tri-some, awesome

Going to have another post in few minutes and will share what happened this week


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