Saturday, September 24, 2016

Cebu Temple

It's the end of our 4th week this Transfer Cycle and many things have happened in this week. As an Office Elder, we really don't know what will happen next so that makes this calling so exciting! 

DISCLAIMER: This blog is too long to read

In this blog, I will be talking about these things: Lilo-an Stake Conference, our loyal "kuyog", handsome and buotan guard, worked with the Assistant, Cebu Temple trip(!!), met Guevarra from The District 2 (Preach My Gospel DVD), say thanks and bye bye to Sister Nelson (Cebu Mission Senior Couple), and so many more!

Let's first go to Lilo-an Stake Conference... We had a wonderful Stake Conference. President Lim, after 9 years of serving as Stake President, stepped down last Sunday. He shared his testimony on how he did not expect the growth of the Church here in Lilo-an. He shared the humble beginnings of the ward until it became the Stake Center. The previous stake councilors shared their testimonies and give thanks and appreciation to President Lim for being an inspiration and helping the Stake to be where it is right now. President Juntilla, the newly called Stake President of Lilo-an did shared a nindot talk, he is a funny person and likes to joke. He humbly accepts the calling and promised to do his best to be the leader of this stake. The Stake Conference was presided by Area Presidency First Councilor Evan A. Schmutz and he concluded the talk about ZION. He later explained the requirements God made for us to experience a perfect world and a perfect city. It is by keeping the covenants we made with God and staying worthy to perform His saving ordinances in order to be inside the gates of Zion.

At lunch time, of course, who would've thought that Elder Blanco can cook? I cooked Tinolang Manok, and they loved it. I tried to act professional and say "Wala akong dinagdag na Salt and Knorr dyan", when honestly it is my first time to cook it! BEGINNER'S LUCK it is!! Hahaha

We worked after that, and we were with our always-ready-every-Sunday-kuyog Brother Lim, grandson of the Late Stake President. He is so funny and loves to work with the missionaries. He is also preparing for a mission. He wants to acquire the knowledge that is needed in the mission that is why he always works with the missionaries. At just the age of 16, he had endured a lot of problems. As young as he is, he maturely overcame and learned from those problems. I will not be telling those things here, instead I will show his gwapong nawong!

Having selfies in the office
After finishing our proselyting we drop by the mission office in the evening, there is a guard who always smiles and greets us. He never tires from running from his sitting place just to open the gate for us. His name is Brother Ruben! He is the security guard at the Lilo-an Chapel. He guards the vicinity from 6pm to 6am. What a man! His job is very tiring and very hard. I salute Brother Ruben, he is working hard to provide food for his family. At the same time, he is so buotan. I know his family is so lucky to have him.

Brother Ruben with the Kiddos
Then, while Elder Grimpluma and Elder Calumpang were getting their licenses at LTO Danao, I had the chance to work with Elder Baladad. We went and taught their GOLDEN investigator, Brother Jay. He attentively listened to us and asked questions regarding what we were talking about. I had the chance to share the FIRST VISION to him and testify of Joseph Smith, Jr. as the prophet of the restoration. We felt the Spirit and we continued with the lesson. He really seeks to know if what we are saying is true because he keeps the commitments given to him. 
Posing muna syempre

Kahit maputek haha

We were happy to finish the lessons and we extended another commitment to Brother Jay to bring him closer to Christ. Then after that, we went back to the office only to find out that only one of them (Elder Calumpang and Elder Grimpluma) passed the license examination HAHAHA. Who do you think failed the exam?

Elder Calumpang as a MOWDEL

"Oh, how lovely was the morning" last Wednesday. We were able to have our Temple Session with our zone, Lilo-an Zone. This was the climax of my week. I was very excited and very humbled to enter the temple. Just by looking at the temple, you can feel the peace and serenity, this was a very spiritual experience. It was my 2nd time to go here but it was my first time to go inside the Temple. 

Elder San Andres, Angeles, Dela Rosa
Before I entered the temple, I wrote some questions that needed to be answered from Heavenly Father. As I joyfully and prayerfully sit in the Celestial room, I read the Bible and strong impressions came into my mind and heart, Heavenly Father really answers. I was reminded of my covenants and how Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ worked just to make us eternally happy. I will never forget this wonderful experience. 

Eric Guevarra's wife
At this moment, we saw Eric Guevarra in the Temple. You might not know him but to the Missionaries he's quite famous. He is one of the Investigators the missionaries taught in Preach My Gospel: The District 2, we had the chance to talk to her wife. She shared their struggles before and what really happened why they got separated before. The Gospel really helps the family to draw closer to god and strengthen the relationships of members in the family.

Too bad there were missionaries who
cannot attend with us (not complete)

Time is not enough to finish this blog! I will be sharing the rest of it next week! :D

But all in all, it was a very fast week. I hadn't even noticed that it is already the 5th week of the transfer cycle. It was fun and very exhausting. But the important thing I got this week is I learned from my mistakes and I have grown and improved myself.

Side note:

They have branded rice here in Cebu! Check this out!!

Wow! I never thought you can buy
friendship with such a cheap price!

-Elder Blanco

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