Saturday, September 17, 2016

First Blog


Before I start my blog, I want to share why I am happy creating this blog :)

Out of so many opportunities to write a blog, this is the only time I'm very eager to do one. It all started when I was bored in the Office and look for pictures related in our mission. I saw a picture with a link going to Sister Mcnett's blog (senior couple missionary who is assigned also in the office). As I am scanning it, I saw funny pictures and read some interesting lines that made me want to do the same. I am now a BIG fan of Elder and Sister Mcnett's blog. I will try to follow them as soon as I know how to hehe.

The Mcnetts with Sister Osumo (photobombers:Elder Laga'aia and Sister McMaster)
with President and Sister Maughan
Had a chance to have a WHACKY picture with our Mission President and his wife. Another bucketlist checked.

Today is our Preparation day, Saturday. Usually, the preparation day of missionaries is on Monday. We are special missionaries that's why we have special preparation day haha

Earlier, we had the chance to help our fellow missionaries to transfer house in Lapu-lapu. We are so lucky to have the Assistants (Assistants to the President) to help us in transferring their things. They are so buotan and true servants. Props to them, they did most of the help :P
Joyriding to Lapu-lapu
Elder Baladad disassembling the bunkbeds
Helping "kunwari"
We had our lunch at the Barbecue Place in Lapu-lapu merkado! Destroyed my diet again. I will have to start my diet again tomorrow. I'm gaining weight so fast huhu. Too bad I haven't taken picture of the mouth-watering pork lean and chicken liver... yuuuuuum!

We will be having Lilo-an Stake Conference tomorrow. I'm so excited to see Elder Schmutz and he is presiding the Conference. It's good to hear from him because he was the Mission President of Cebu Mission and Lilo-an Stake is under his Mission.

That's all for the week, will try to update you guys again next Saturday. Hopefully we are not busy that time.

Elder Blanco

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