Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year!

Elder Reynoso, Me, Elder Mosquera, Elder Carillo
Happy New Year to everyone! -From the F4 (Fogi 4)
How's your New Year? Hopefully no one got hospitalized because of the stray bullets or fireworks. Happy to hear your messages, send it here:

A lot of things happened in 2016 where I learned, struggled, grew, developed faith, made mistakes, fell, and stood up again. I'm happy for where I am right now. I can see what Heavenly Father wants me to become and it is my commitment to do what He wants me to do. I am so blessed to know this. Specially this New Year we all be having New Year's Resolution--which we all know that it will not be followed. HAHA. 

We all welcomed 2017 with a hope that this New Year, we will be committed to do our goals this year and especially what God wants us to do and be. Hoping that 2017 with be nice to us haha

We spent our New Year's Eve (basically it's afternoon because we had curfew) with Consolacion Zone (because Lilo-an Zone dissolved huhu) with Elder and Sister Weatherston. They invited the Consolacion Zone to spend the New Year's Eve in their home. We were lucky to have them in our lives. They provided the venue, the movie, and the SNACKS haha. We watched Errand of Angels, it is all about missionary life. How a new missionary struggled to be the best missionary ever. It's funny yet very inspiring and motivating. It was fun and a privilege to spent this day with these beautiful and fine Elders and Sisters.

Maybe, you all know that being a Missionary is easy and fun. Well, I got to tell you that it is not like that. Missionary work is never easy but it is rewarding. Missionary work is not always fun, we experience struggles and rejections all the time but everything is very joyful-- that's what the Gospel of Jesus Christ promised. Fun and Joy is different :D

Next year, I will be spending my Christmas and New Year back home! :D (Makati City)

That's all for this day.
See you on Monday!

-Elder Blanco

PS: Our happy faces
Consolacion Zone

With Elder and Sister Weatherston

they were fascinated with BUKO haha

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