Sunday, January 29, 2017

22nd Birthday!

First of all, sorry for not having updates weekly. We have been busy looking for Scattered Israel. I will just make this quick because my birthday this year had been special to me.

The day of my birthday was on Saturday. We still had ordinary schedule like studying, proselyting time, teaching people repentance. I feel like it's not really my birthday... until lunch time, when the Zone Leaders called and disturbed our beautiful lunch, which I cooked, and asked me to go to the office. I knew something's fishy was going to happened. Me and my companion found out that someone left a cake for my birthday (of course, it came from my family). The Zone Leaders and the office Couple Missionaries sang a happy birthday song to me, which I find sweet.

<there should be picture here but apparently the Zone Leaders didn't e-mail my picture>

Then at night of my birthday. Sister Abril and Sister Tauiliili surprised me with a birthday cake!!! They got stressed because of this hahaha. Props to them and I didn't really expected it.

Then Monday came, our Preparation day. We played basketball in the morning and then had lunch with our District at Kuya J's. It was nice and happy to celebrate my birthday with Elder Clark and Elder Cirunay (our Assistants to the President), and our office princesses Sister Abril and Sister Tauiliili, and also with my handsome and artistahin companion Elder Reynoso (Jolo Revilla look-a-like. He's the one on my left)

The Office District

the aftermath

Then we e-mailed our families and friends back home. They surprised me with a video that I like to share but it is so long and will take time to upload. Maybe when we I get back or when we meet here in Lilo-an, Cebu then I can show it to you haha. They are so sweet! It almost made me cry that's why I stopped it immediately and downloaded it to watch it back home (of course, I don't want to cry inside the computer shop with plenty of people around)

I felt really special. I felt like I'm the most important person in the world! I really appreciate it and looking forward to see my family and friends soon! I love them so much and missing them so bad.

May God be with you all 'till we meet again.


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