Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas Season

Christmas is not just about giving, it is also about receiving--receiving Jesus Christ's teachings and follow Him. It amazed me until this time on how the Christmas Season can affect the world with their attitude toward each other. This made the people focus more on the positive side than the negative side. But the real essence of Christmas should be focus on our Savior Jesus Christ. He is the real reason why we celebrate Christmas.

Hoping that you had a wonderful time this Christmas with your family and friends :)

If you are going to ask me, this is what happened to us:

We had the chance to teach the Youth of Lilo-an Stake on how to effectively share the Book of Mormon to those people who doesn't know about it.
Youth with their missionary attire
Next is we prepare food for Christmas Eve. We cooked Carbonara, made Mango Float, and Gelatin to satisfy our appetite on Christmas Eve after the hard work we did earlier...
made by Chef Blanco haha
 The problem is we got sick during this time hahaha the worst was, I cannot taste what I cooked. WORST FEELING EVER!

 And of course, the last thing we did is have a Christmas Selfie HAHA
Update you soon next time.
Merry Christmas and Advance Happy New Year!!

-Elder Blanco

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